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Resurrection (because when spring it comes out from the cave, after hibernating, with her newborn baby bear), new life, hence induction and her connection with ceremonies of passage. In myths of heroes the bear is solar, in fables of flood becomes lunar and she is also lunar when is connected with lunar goddesses, as Artemis and Diana. It is the emblem of Kingdom of Persia and Russia.
Alchemy: the nigredo (bruise) prima material (raw material).
Greek History: dedicated to the goddess Artemis and Diana and a trait of Atalante and Ephemia. The girls that took part in the ceremonies of Artemis were named , they wore yellow dresses and they imitated these animals. Diana (Latin’s Artemis) turned Kallisto into a bear.
Japanese Tradition : benevolence, wisdom, force. A cultural hero and divine envoy between Ainoy.
Indian Tradition : supernatural force, force, capacity, the whirlwind.
Celtic Tradition : a lunar force, trait of goddess Burne.
Chinese Tradition : bravery, force.
Shamanism: a messenger of spirits of forest.
Scandinavian and Teutonic mythology: dedicated to Thor. The bear Atlas is the female principle and the male is Atli.
Christianity: the devil, the evil, cruelty, greed, carnal passion. It been believed that the baby bears are born amorphous and therefore considered that they represent the transformative, regenerative force of Christianity over the pagans. Emblem of Saint Gkol, Maximus, Florentine and Blantinas. The battle of David with the bear symbolizes the battle between Christ and the Devil.

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